Andrew Eisen, MD, PhD
Chair - Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Eisen holds an MD and PhD (Biophysics) from the University of Pennsylvania and has over 30 years of post-graduate biomedical experience.  He trained at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the NIH.  He was an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics & Molecular Genetics at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.  Dr. Eisen has 14 years’ private sector experience in both the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries.  He was the Senior Director of Clinical Pharmacology & Translational Medicine at Daiichi-Sankyo & Eisai and the Head of the Metabolic Diseases Program at CuraGen.
Michael Seiler, PhD
Senior Scientific Advisor

Dr. Seiler earned his Ph.D in cell and molecular biology from the Baylor College of Medicine and completed post-doctoral studies at the University of Chicago.  He has over 15 years’ experience in biomedical research, authored fourteen publications and has been recognized with NIH pre- and post-doctoral fellowships, and the Excellence in Research award from the American Society of Gene Therapy.  He served as scientific advisor to the Heartland Angels private equity network and has worked with the University of Chicago Office of Technology Transfer to co-found the Chicago Innovation Mentor’s Fellowship program.
John Nelson

Mr. Nelson holds an MBA from University Of Chicago Booth School Of Business with concentrations in both finance and entrepreneurship and an undergraduate degree in Economics from Rice University.  Previously, Mr. Nelson co-founded a successful online educational business, and has five years' experience in private equity while at Oakwood Global Finance in London, England.
Feyza Sancar, PhD
Vice President of Scientific Development

Dr. Sancar earned her PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and held postdoctoral appointments at Northwestern University and the University of Illinois at Chicago.  She has authored 8 papers and received several awards and fellowships, including a pre-doctoral fellowship from the American Epilepsy Society and a post-doctoral Visiting Scholar Fellowship from the Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey.  In addition to over 11 years of research experience in basic and biomedical sciences, she most recently served as a Scientific Editor for the Cell Press journal Neuron.